Here at Memphis Cleaning Company, PinterClean we price our services according to our client’s choice- what works for our clients works for us. We either charge by the hour or by the room. Any client may choose to be charged by the hour if desired. For those clients that arrange our standard service (as described above) we typically charge by the room.
An hourly rate is always the method of charging for the first time cleaning to bring your home up to the Memphis Cleaning Company standard, clients preferring customized cleanings, those that desire to rotate rooms cleaned during scheduled service, deep or spring cleanings, one time and on call clients.

As a special courtesy to those clients transitioning from a current cleaning service or individual we charge no additional first time cleaning fee. This applies if we perform our first service within one month of your last service.

For prospective clients that are interested in ongoing service we are happy to provide an estimate that is specific and tailored to your home, family, and needs. For one time service we work up an approximate estimate by phone. Please call your location or e-mail us.