Your cleaner/cleaners are hardworking, courteous and professional. Before being invited into the Memphis Cleaning Company family, the applicant must successfully pass a drug test to ensure there is no illicit drug use. Additionally, an independent background check is completed to screen for any criminal history. We also check immigration status. If there is any hint of trouble, past or present, the applicant is not hired.

Upon being hired, the trainee is educated in the methods of the Memphis Green Clean® system. Regardless of the prior experience of the new cleaner, we educate our trainees in the most efficient and thorough green cleaning methods that make Memphis Cleaning Company unique.

Training begins both by studying a manual and watching a video, both created internally by Memphis Cleaning Company and built around our unique system. At this point, a written test is taken by the trainee and reviewed with a manager to ensure understanding of the Memphis Cleaning Company system.

Field training is the next step. The new cleaner is sent out for training with a experienced lead cleaner for multi-day training. Field training varies in length depending on the competence and comfort level of the new cleaner. Both the new cleaner and the lead cleaner share feedback with a manager concerning the readiness level. When the new cleaner is comfortable in her skill set and management agrees, she is assigned her own clients.

We do in home visits to check the new cleaner’s work often and phone all of their existing clients to ensure a smooth and satisfactory transition. Memphis Cleaning Company also offers education in safety, environmentally sensitive cleaning techniques and products along with customer service.

We understand and appreciate that it is a leap of faith to have a person not familiar to you come into your home-your personal living space. For our client’s peace of mind, our cleaners carry a fidelity bond. In addition, we carry worker’s compensation insurance and a $2 million general liability insurance policy.

We do everything in our power to put our client’s at ease. After the initial cleaning, we do are best to send you the same cleaner or cleaners for all your appointments. This is working within the constraints of an industry that high turnover of employees due to the nature of the hard work. If we do have to change your cleaner/cleaners you will receive a call from us introducing the new person.

We know and understand what most people are looking for in their housekeeper. Over the years we have gathered a group of maids that love house cleaning, and do it at a level of high excellence. The maids that you book through our agency will provide you with a very high level of professional maid services, cleaning your home at a very reasonable cost. All maids registered with Memphis Cleaning Company must continuously meet or exceed a very high level of excellence in order to continue receiving new customers.